Sergej M. Ostojic, MD, PhD
Full Professor, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Novi Sad
E-mail :
Phone : +381 21 450 188


Prof. Sergej M. Ostojic, PhD received his medical degree from the University of Belgrade School of Medicine in September 1996. He then pursued his postgraduate training in medicine, human physiology and nutrition, and obtained a MSc in Medical Sciences (2001), a Medical Specialist degree (2002), and a PhD in Medical Sciences (2003) at the University of Belgrade. He is currently working as Full Professor of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Novi Sad, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Belgrade School of Medicine. He has been appointed as Visiting Professor at the University of Zagreb (2009), the University of Central Florida (2014-2015), the University of Rome (2017), and the University of Pécs (2018-2019). His current research follows two main themes: (a) studying mitochondrial viability and targeted interventions to tackle impaired bioenergetics in health and disease, and (b) analyzing population health metrics in chronic diseases. To date, he has authored and co-authored 202 peer-reviewed articles in multidisciplinary journals, including those with high impact factors such as The Lancet, Nature, Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism, Theranostics, Trends in Food Sciences and Technology, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Sports Medicine, Clinical Science, Food Chemistry, Pharmacological Research, European Journal of Nutrition, Nutrients; 170+ invited lectures and conference abstracts; 24 book chapters, and 13 books. He is a member of the American College of Physicians, the American Society for Nutrition, the American Physiological Society, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the Nutrition Society. He is also Associate Editor of the scientific journals Research in Sports Medicine and Frontiers in Physiology, Review Editor for Frontiers in Pharmacology, and Editorial Consultant for Current Topics in Nutraceutical Research. He has been the recipient of internationally competitive research grants including the World Anti-Doping Agency, NSCA International Award and the European Commission, and many industrial endowments. He holds 5 patent applications in the US, UK, EU, and Japan. Besides, Dr. Ostojic has over 20-year experience working as a board-certified medical doctor with clinical populations and athletes. He has served or currently serves as a scientific or medical consultant for the World Health Organization, the Coca-Cola Company, Baskonia-Alavés Group and outpatient clinic Fizikus.

Prof. Nebojsa Maksimovic, PhD
Full Professor, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education,University of Novi Sad
Phone : +381 21 450 188


Prof. Nebojsa Maksimovic, PhD is currently a Full Professor of Sport Management at University of Novi Sad (Serbia). He received degrees in sport sciences (PhD). Since 2018, he is the Dean of Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Novi Sad. His areas of interest include sports management, strategic planning in sport, finance in sports, and he published more than 100 scientific papers in national and international journals, conferences etc. At the beginning of 2016, he became the Publisher of scientific journal Exercise and Quality of Life, which is published by Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Novi Sad. He was a coordinator on several scientific-research projects, which were funded by Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research and Republic Ministry of Youth and Sports in Serbia. He was  a coordinator of the Accredited Program of the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Serbia “Management and Marketing of Youth Sports“. Also, he is very engaged and active in management and organizational activities at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education (President of the Council of Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Head of Department of Sports Management, Vice-dean for finance, Dean and University of Novi Sad, Deputy president of the Council of University of Novi Sad, etc.). He is a Member of the Administrative board of National Association of Sports Managers and Member of the Montenegrin Sports Academy.

Darinka Korovljev, PhD
International Relation Officer, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Novi Sad
Phone : +381 21 450 188


Dr Darinka Korovljev currently working in International Relation & PR Office at Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Novi Sad and manages EU & International projects.

She holds a Ph.D. in molecular hydrogen research from the University of Novi Sad, and has a postdoctoral fellowship in Applied Bioenergetics Lab.

Darinka Korovljev, PhD, has scientific experience from working on implementing different health interventions in aging population.

Valdemar Štajer, PhD
Teaching assistant, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Novi Sad
Phone : +381 21 450 188



Dr Valdemar Štajer currently working as a teaching assistant, at Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Novi Sad.

He hold a Ph.D. in dynamics of creatine and guanidinoacetic acid synthesis as biomarkers in clinical and athletic environment at the University of Novi Sad, and he is a chief laboratory technician, with specific knowledge and skills in biochemistry and exercise physiology.

Valdemar Štajer, PhD, has experience in implementing scientific knowledge in practical work with children, professional athletes, and the working population in the area of exercise and health interventions.

Sophie Kekic
Title: Senior Project Manager, European Cooperation Centre, Belgium


Ms Kekic has more than a decade of experience in the EU project management (member of the Project Management Institute PMI), finance and business consulting, as well as public affairs representation for different stakeholders: public, private and non-profit entities in several European countries.  She was also involved at a senior level in several national projects in the restructuring and the privatization process in the Republic of Serbia and as a member of the delegation for the negotiations of the Serbia’s membership of the WTO (Word Trade Organisation).

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Belgrade, and a master’s degree in Political Communication and International Relations, from the European Communications School in Brussels.

Ms Kekic is an accredited lobbyist at the European Parliament.

She is fluent in French, English, Serbian and Croatian and basic in Dutch.

Milko Kralski
President of Bulgarian Cheer Union
E-mail :
Phone : +359 878 701 212

Work Experience

  • Certified coach of acrobatic rock’n’roll & boogie woogie sport dances – 23 years
  • International Judge of dance sports – 9 years
  • International Safety Level Judge – 4 years
  • President of Bulgarian Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll Federation – 12 years
  • President of Bulgarian Cheer Union – 5 years
  • Adviser in TV Reality formats Dancing with the Stars – all seasons
  • First in Bulgaria who presenting cheerleading sport clinics
  • Organizer of 17 national championships for dance sports
  • Host and organizer of the World Championship 2011 in Sofia (acrobatic rock’n’roll)
  • Host and organizer of the World Masters 2013 and 2015 in Sofia (boogie woogie)
  • Lecture of the basic acrobatic dance sports at national level for all dance clubs
Educational background
  • Technical Univercity (Master Degree of Electronic and Automatic)
  • London Financial School (Proffecional Certificate for Management)
  • National Sport Academy (Master degree in spots gumnastic)
  • Coach of Bulgaria Natioanal Team for Cheerleading & Cheerdance
  • Certified trainer for swing dances
  • International judge Safety Levels in Cheerleading
  • Lecture in private clubs and gyms

Author of the monography;

  • Dynamic routines in a group gymnastic
  • Cheerleading & Baton Twirling sports for amateurs & professionals

Author of materials and presentations;

  • Acrobatic rock’n’roll for beginers
  • Boogie and Swing Dances as social communication
  • Basic rules for cheerleading sport
  • Logic of the choreography development in dance sports
  • Personal Training as a business case

Polina Hadjiyankova, Phd
Sport Psychologist
E-mail :
Phone : +359 888 552 283

Work Experience

  • Sports psychology consultant – 5 years
  • Psychologist at Health Center for kids Pumpelina – 2 years
  • Psychologist intern at UNBAL Stranski Hospital – 2 years
  • Psychologist intern at Cosmos kindergarten & pre-school – 2 years
  • Assistant psychologist at Institute of Positive Psychotherapy – 4 years

Educational background

  • Sports Psychology (Doctorate/PhD at the moment)
  • Sports Psychology (Master degree)
  • Psychology (Bachelore degree Iona College, New York)
  • Courses in Cognitive Behavioral Psychoterapy
  • Certificate in Child Psychoterapy
  • Member of FEPSAC (European Federation for Sport Psyhology)
  • Member and country representative of ENYSPP (European network of young specialists in Sport Psyhology)
  • Member of Association of Psyhologist in Bulgaria

Silvia Koycheva
Sport Physiotherapist
E-mail :
Phone : +359 898 586 528

Work Experience

  • Certified coach of rhythmic gymnastics – 4 years
  • Rhythmic gymnastics judge – years
  • Physiotherapist at spine recovery and educational center “Sport & Health” – 4 years
  • Physiotherapist adviser of Bulgaria National Cheerleading Team
  • Member of several national seminars in Japan, Belgium, Italy, Ireland and Serbia

Educational background

  • National Sport Academy (Master Degree in rhytmic gymnastic coach)
  • National Sport Academy (Bachelor degree in physioterapy)
  • Founder of Bulgarian Association of Scoliosis Treatment
  • Member of Bulgarian Physiotherapist Association
  • Member of Bulgarian Cheer Union
  • First level – SEAS (Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis)
  • First level – BSPTS (Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School) concept by Rigo
  • Basic level – TheraBand course

J.M.G. (John) van Heel
Founder of the New Health Foundation
Teacher Lifestyle as medicine coach certification course
Author ‘Exercise as medicine, how do you do that?’
Enterpreneur in health, lifestyle and sports:
E-mail :
Phone : 0031-6-53623485

New Health Foundation


In the past 36 year, the founder of the New Health Foundation (John van Heel), is putting effort in awareness and guidance of a healthy lifestyle, lifestyle as medicine and primary prevention, using the ACSM, WHO and Health Council guidelines of healthy living and prevention. This led to the foundation that is reaching out to a network of more than 1000 ambassadors and supporters the Netherlands, with a lifestyle and prevention item, about for example healthy and active living, healthy eating, increasing motivation, mental strength or physical or mental relaxation. In 2018 themes of Positive Health (Machteld Huber) were added to the items, mental, meaning of life, quality of life, social participation, daily functioning and physical.


The founder of the New Health foundation was part of the Technical Educational Commission off Europe Active, for the development of the standard of diabetes and obesity and initiator of the development of the knowledge files and protocols of Overweight/obesity, diabetic and NAH (non-congenital brain disorder) for fitness professionals and worked with NL Active on the certification and quality program for prevention centres in The Netherlands. The New Health Foundation is closely involved in the prevention center and the education commission of NL Active (Dutch Fitness Federation).


In 2013 New Health took initiative to translate the ACSM active living guidelines together with TNO, to a Dutch guideline (the scale of 3), that led to the new Health Council active living guidelines, published in November 2017. John van Heel was invited as guest speaker at the symposium of Health insurance VGZ, ‘Lifestyle is Medicine’ in November 2017 and member of the panel that advised Deputy Prime Minister of Public Health, Welfare and Sport, Hugo de Jonge, in March 2018 about the health prevention policy in the Netherlands.


Van Heel strongly believes in a healthier future for our children. ‘At this moment, we are not raising our children healthily enough, they lack health skills and healthy living knowledge, which makes them as adults more unhealthy and difficult to get rid of the unhealthy learned habits, with all its consequences. We adults will have to ensure and take responsibility that young people have a strong healthy living foundation, therefore healthy living education will have to become a permanent element in education.

The New Health Foundation wants to stimulate people to enhance their health behaviour and preventive health by;

  • Promoting sports and active lifestyle;
  • Stimulating sustainable healthy lifestyle;
  • Promote active living, healthy eating, mental health, mindset and mind(re)set, positive health and the risk of using human enhancement drugs, performance and image enhancing drugs, and doping substances;
  • Stimulating health education, using scientific proved health vision of the WHO and health council on companies, educational organizations, sports clubs and the health- and wellness sector;
  • To improve the knowledge of professionals regarding the health vision and guidelines of the WHO and the health council, positive health and behaviour change guidance, within company’s, educational organizations, sports clubs and the health- and wellness sector.


Key Activities:

  • Health awareness campaigns
  • Research
  • Seminars and training



  • NL Actief
  • Europe Active


Size of the organisation:

  • 6 employees
  • +1000 ambassadors, supporters and members

Hasan Ibrić
E-mail :
Phone : +38641320130


Hasan Ibrić graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor, with a degree in Marketing and completed a postgraduate specialist degree in Management 2002-2004. From 1981 to 2008 he was employed by the Slovenian Railways, where he worked in the field of traffic management, drafting regulations, training of professional staff, mentor to students and control of fireplace traffic. Since 2004 he has been working as an external lecturer at the Faculty of Logistics in Celje. In 2004 he enrolled in postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Management, University of Primorska. From 2008 to 2012 he worked at the Celje District Court, where he carried out one of the important projects of introducing court fees in the judiciary. From 2012 to 2018 he served as a member on the board of the Sports Foundation and from 2014 to 2018 as a member of the Expert Council for professional sport at the Slovenian Olympic Committee. In 2017 he received his Master’s Degree in Sports Education from the Faculty of Sport and Tourism, EDUCONS University in Novi Sad, Serbia.

He is currently the secretary of the Celje Sports Association, where he manages 27 projects a year and oversees the literacy activities of children in swimming courses and sports competitions. Special attention is paid to free guided exercise for the citizens and youth of the Municipality of Celje. After compleeting his career as a top athlete, he continued as a international Taekwondo umpire in 1992. He has refereed at 10 World Championships, 20 European Championships and 4 World Cups. He was the professional manager of the Organizing Committee for the 2012 and 2018 Taekwondo European Championships, as well as 2014 and 2016 in Kickbox. He is the technical manager of the 8th Taekwondo World Cup 2020 in Koper. In 2015 he successfully published the Sports Monograph of 125 Years of Sport in Celje as a project manager, and another monograph of 50 years of International Children’s Games, published in English, three years later.

Damjan Pintar
E-mail :
Phone : +38641676400


Damjan Pintar is a graduate in Physical Education from the University of Ljubljana, and has postgraduate degree in sports management (MEMOS) and Master in Sport Organisation Management from University Claude Bernerd Lyon 1. As a Marketing director of the Slovenian Olympic Committee (1998 – 2007), he developed an efficient model of the Olympic related marketing for small countries. 2007 – 2013, he acted as director of tourist program Unitur (  that owns ski resorts, spas and sport centres in Slovenia, where he developed whole year sports programs, brought and managed  international events as world cups ( cross county, snowboarding, IPC alpine skiing), and continental cups ( mountain bike, beach volley, alpine skiing).

Currently he act as international consultant at the field of Sports and Tourism worldwide ( ), where he is building international network of experts Sportour. He is also owner and development business director at tourist company,  that owns apartment houses in Mountain resort Rogla, Slovenia ( )

Since 2002 he is  IOC – Olympic Solidarity external expert,  from 2005 to 2017 he acted as ICMG president – (The International Committee of the Mediterranean Games) marketing adviser, since 2008 member of assembly Slovenian chamber of  mountain resorts ( president 2008 – 2015 and 2019  –  ) and member of assembly of Slovenian chamber of Economy and industry. Since 2015, he successfully concluded 2 years’ consultancy project at restructuration of Hit Alpinea Kranjska Gora  (Slovenia) Tourist Company and 2017 started international project in China. From 2012 to 2017 he had position as vice president of FIANET, European mountain resorts association.

As an invited lecturer, he participated in numerous sports marketing and tourist seminars and practically developed marketing in several countries around the globe. He also transferred knowledge of Sport Tourism and sophisticated world programs to its clients.

In Slovenia, he currently teach as a part-time lecturer on sports and tourism at the Faculty for business sciences in Celje”. He is author or co author of the books issued in Slovenia and USA.

Damjan Pintar  is Co founder of foundation Dr. Danilo Turk, former president of republic of Slovenia, that helps with rehabilitation of children injured by weapons, from around the world and providing founds and scholarships to children and youngsters from Slovenia that need support for personal development.

Igor Jukić, PhD
Full Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb
E-mail :



Igor Jukic is an university professor, international lecturer and high-performance specialist in sport. He earned his Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree in Kinesiology at the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb. From 2009 until 2013 he was the dean of Faculty of Kinesiology UNV Zagreb. He is founder (2003) and current president of Croatian Physical Conditioning Coaches Association and founder (2006) and current secretary general of European Physical Conditioning Association. He established a journal Physical Conditioning (2003), as well as International Conference on Physical Conditioning (2003) in Zagreb. As far as his practical experiences, worked with the Croatian national youth and senior basketball teams, and won a gold medal with the U18 team at the Eurobasket championship in 1996, and silver medal with the U20 team at the World championship in 2001. In 2014 he was part of the Croatian national football team as strength and conditioning coach for the World Cup in Brazil and Euro Qualifications for Euro 2016. In period 2016/18 he was Head of performance in Baskonia-Alaves (Spain, Basque Country) group where he established unique high performance system (BAL). Furthermore, Igor was personal performance specialist of some internationally top level athletes (Ivica Olić, Mirko Cro Cop Filipović). His works have been published in more than 200 papers related to sports science and high performance in sport. In 2011 he founded Biotrening Ltd., company related to high performance in sport, physical fitness and health.